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Dr. Sandro Debono


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That is who I am 

and this is what I do

Check my latest thoughts on museum futures published from time to time on my blog publication where I talk about human-centred futures for 21st century museums and multi-platform experiences.    


Learn more about my work with museums particularly those I have been helping to rethink themselves, look beyond boundaries and nurture their growth and development into human-centred institutions.  

Read my research and papers published in peer reviewed journals dealing with a broad range of themes and topics. You can also check on the latest, including those in the works or just out. 


Check my presentations at conferences on a broad range of themes and topics ranging from the phygital to curatorial practice and much more.  


Look up my workshops, training sessions and mentoring projects tailor-made for museum people working in 21st century museums and cultural institutions. 

There is more here ... 

Do get in touch via email here if you feel I can help you. I would be happy to connect, get to know you, learn more and discuss further your needs and requirements. 

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