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Latest Highlights

Chattermarks podcast series on museums and climate change

Anchorage Museum, Alaska, United States of America

September - December 2023

Co-host of five podcast episodes in conversation with museum thinkers and leaders from around the world and five blogpost featuring reflections on all five conversations. 

Annual Conference of the Network of European Museums Organisations 

Lahti, Finland - November 2023

Workshop for small to medium museums on ways of acting on climate change

L'Arte che parla

Universita degli studi di Macerata - April 2023

Closing remarks of a day seminar on podcasts, audioguides, voice and music in museums

Bi-Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Museum Network

Regional Historical Museum, Russe, Bulgaria - October 2022

Keynote speech

Relevance and the R-Factor: Possible Futures for Museums

CHAIN - Cultural Heritage Interdisciplinary Network - 2022 Edition
Crisis in Cultural Heritage - Evidence, Use, Resource


Department of Humanities, University of Catania, Italy - May 2022

Keynote speech

Museums Thinking Phygital - Between Museology and museum experience 

Chasing the "New" in Museum Studies
Department of Museum Studies, 
Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey - May 2022

Museums Thinking Phygital - Between Museology and museum experience

The international conference of the European Network of Science Centres
and Museums


Experimenta, Heilbronn (Germany) - June 2022 

Panel discussion entitled ' Rethinking Measures of Success' shall focus around creating relevance for museums with a focus on possible currencies that can measure the impact, relevance and significance of exhibition projects that go beyond visitor numbers and headcount. 

The discussion was led by Hillary Spencer (CEO, Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, Florida) with the participation of Bernadine Brocker Wieder (Co-founder Vastari) and Herbert Münder (General Manager at Universum Bremen).

ICOM - CECA (International Committee for Education and Culture Action) Annual Conference

Ghent, Belgium - October 2021

Curators as Orchestra Conductors: Anticipating the human-centred museum idea

ICOM - ICEE (International Committee for Exhibition Exchange) Annual Conference 

Museum of Art and History of the City of Geneva (MAH)/ ICOM Switzerland - September 2021 

Concept and Sketches for a Low-Cost Travelling Exhibition Typology

Fourteenth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum 

 Museum of Lisbon, Lisbon (Portugal) - September 2021 

Post-Pandemic Museum Space: Preliminary sketches 

'Landscapes of Change’ - the virtual international convening for museum professionals 

Anchorage Museum, Alaska (U.S.A) - January 2021 

Ways of Seeing into Climate Change

Museums and COVID-19
Challenges, Re-Evaluations and Future Perspectives

International Conference convened by the Georgian Museum Association in collaboration with ICOM Georgia, NEMO, Dutch Academy of Cultural Management and Tbilisi State Academy of Art (Georgia) - June 2020

Museums and COVID-19 — Challenges, Re-evaluation and Future Perspectives

NEMO Webinar Series  

NEMO (Network of European Museums Organisations) - May 2020

Museum Lives in Post-Pandemia. (Youtube Recording here)

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