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Latest Highlights 

Regional Archaeological Museum 

Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta



Dipartimento Soprintendenza per i beni e le attività culturali - Département de la surintendance des activités et des biens culturels


Patrimonio archeologico e restauro beni monumentali - Patrimoine archéologique et restauration des biens monumentaux


October 2022 - 


This long term consultancy role covers a broad spectrum of tasks ranging from heritage interpretation, the introduction of international best practices and museum communication strategies for a network of heritage sites with the Regional archaeological Museum of Aosta as its main hub. 

This long-term project is part of a broader strategic initiative leading up to 2025 when Aosta will be celebrating the 2,050th anniversary from its foundation as the Roman town of Augusta Praetoria. 

Tesla Museum Project

Ministry of Culture

Republic of Serbia


November 2021

Participation by invitation in a half-day online roundtable of experts split in three sessions to discuss the possible futures of the Tesla Museum in Belgrade as it embarks on a major rethink and relocation of the museum to a new venue.

These talks also served the purpose of establishing a platform for the sustainable relocation and rethink of the museum.

The consultative session was entitled 'transforming character into institution'. 

National Gallery of Serbian Art - Matice Srbske

Novi Sad

Republic of Serbia

August 2021, October 2023

A bespoke, intensive programme of 8 hour sessions spread over three days for a team of young, enthusiastic museum professionals.  


The sessions covered the latest thinking in museum practice and ways and means to introduce it in the gallery's programme of events for Novi Sad 2022 then in the works.


The sessions were delivered with a hands-on case study approach.    

ReInHerit Project
Horizon 2020 Project

May 2021

Participation as one of eight purposely invited participants in the focus group "ReinHerit: Mapping and Co-Designing the 
future of Cultural Heritage in Europe". 

The discussion sought to present a snapshot of the sector's current situation so as to offer valuable insights on how to create 
a model of sustainable cultural heritage management. 

Gallerie Nazionali 
Barberini Corsini

Rome, Italy


November 2017

A half day bespoke workshop for the national museum's management team discussing participatory practices and human-centred initiatives. 

The workshop was held in the run-up to the major refurbishment in display and layout undertaken by this museum institution since then. 

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