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An Overview

Based in Malta (Mediterranean E.U.)

PhD in Heritage Policy and Collections Development from University College, London



Speaks English & Italian fluently 

Working knowledge of French and Spanish 



Chevalier des Arts et Lettres

Awarded by the Ministry for Culture

of the French Republic 

Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia

Awarded by the Presidency

of the Republic of Italy



Cultural Advisor to the Office of the President of the Republic of Malta

International Advisory Board member of the Anchorage Museum, Alaska (USA)

Visiting Senior Lecturer at the

University of Malta

National Representative at the European Museum Academy

Former Museum Director and Project Lead of 

MUŻA - the Malta National Community Art Museum

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That is who I am 

and this is what I do

I define myself as a museum thinker and change-maker mainly active as an academic and advisor based in the Mediterranean island of Malta. Coming from a background in art history and visual culture studies, I also practice as an art historian from time to time following and advising on conservation and restoration projects. 

My practice is informed by over twenty-five years of experience working hands-on in various roles and positions within the Maltese cultural heritage sector including regulatory, administrative, and project lead. I also held curatorial roles, curating and leading three major international exhibitions in Malta, Brussels and Florence, and others. 

Working within small museum ecosystems forges a very particular type of resilience. You need to do more than multi-task. You need to become creative and inventive with very limited resources, work with little or no budget and engage with very traditional mindsets. I learned to achieve the hard way given that being resilient and creative was not a choice or an option. 



My work is informed by sound research and theory with grounded actions and solutions. I am mostly interested in new museum thinking informing the twenty-first-century museum idea on which I have also published extensively and specifically transmedia thinking and the phygital, participatory thinking, and change management in general. In short, I work on solutions grounded in the latest museological thinking.  




Top Five Clifton Strengths

Learner, Achiever, Deliberative, Strategic and Intellection.

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